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Headquartered in central California, Excelsior Lighting designs and manufactures 'specification-grade' luminaires and mounting for the professional landscape lighting industry. We manufacture our own products and offer finished goods that can be shipped worldwide. Our company is proud to sell lighting products that are produced in the United States.

With over 20 years of experience in manufacturing landscape lighting, our philosophy is to design and produce products that clients want, not what we think they should have! Our 10 year warranty exemplifies our confidence in the superior durability and performance of Excelsior Lighting products.


Excelsior Lighting offers a variety of exclusive product features. Below are our standard features. Other features are on select products. Full descriptions of can be found on model product pages. The Hot-Aim feature available in our IN-5 well light, allows for adjustable aiming. The Select-a-Fit feature in our IN-5 and IN-4 well lights allows you to decide the fixture location in the well lights. Lastly, the Modular Design which houses the lamp and allows lamps to be replaced in our Path Light models PL-9, PL-10, PL-15 and PL-16.

Anodizing protection

Doubles the life of aluminum by using a three step process that increases the corrosion resistance in our products.

Flush LEns

Reduces the amount of mineral deposits that build up on the fixture lens. Caps drain water even when aimed straight up. This feature is standard on many of our cap designs.

Sealed wire pass-thru

Our molded, high-temperature silicone wire pass-thru system is installed into every product to prevent water intrusion. Water will not leak into the lamp compartment when used for down lighting.

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